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Protective Intelligence

San Diego, California, & northern Mexico|$525

This course provides in-depth Protective Intelligence training critical to the success of the protection professional during security operations. Agents with current experience running high-risk protective details in Northern Mexico, Iraq, Lebanon, Africa, and Bosnia, will provide customized instruction that simplifies these realistic techniques and protocols for Protective Security Advances. This 2-day course delivered at various training sites throughout the city of San Diego, California, is designed to take the protective agent through a clear step-by-step process from receiving the assignment up to execution of the protective detail.

The techniques taught in this course have been proven effective in actual high-risk Protective Security Operations, and are presented in a dynamic, high-retention format that gives the student maximum benefit. The Protective Intelligence course has been designed to increase operational capability in current industry professionals as well as those seeking the proper training to qualify themselves for professional level security placement.

This course includes the following subjects:

  • The Advance - Theory, Practice & Operational Reality
  • The Art of Route Selection
  • Developing Actionable Intelligence
  • Assassin / Kidnapper Methods and vulnerabilities
  • Hostile Surveillance Detection - Fixed & Mobile
  • Surveillance Detection Routes & Counter-Surveillance
  • Foreign Operations - Challenges & Strategies
  • Protective Techniques of Diversion & Deception
  • Informant Development & Exploitation
  • Mission Package / Trip-Plan development
  • Team Briefing
  • Communication modalities for Close Protection Teams
  • Nuances of Clandestine Reconnaissance

Protective Intelligence - Mexico

Tijuana, Mexico | $275

This very unique 1-day elective course can be tacked onto the above 2-day protective intelligence course or taken as a stand-alone course, and will allow security professionals to put into practice and refine the skills & techniques learned during the previous two days of instruction. From start-to-finish, participants will conduct Protective Security Advances, practice Surveillance Detection, prepare Mission Packages and conduct team briefings in Tijuana Mexico, just miles from Secfor's San Diego training sites. Each group of participants will be under the constant supervision and guidance of Secfor Instructors & our Mexico Protective staff.

This training evolution will provide security professionals the opportunity to gain priceless practical experience in a demanding and challenging environment; something few other security training courses currently offer. The added value of this course is a current Mexico Security Briefing as well as experiencing proper high-risk driving techniques in a low-profile environment. The benefit of this practicum cannot be overstated. Private and group instruction is available.

***All participants of must bring a valid US Passport***

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