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Executive Protection & Medical Courses

18 Courses

$250 USD ea*
Launching December 2018!

*Discounted pricing when entire program is purchased. Payment plans available

Online Executive Protection Courses

SECFOR has developed a series of 18 unique online protection and medical-based courses available those wishing to break into the close protection industry, EP specialists already working in the industry and safety conscious travelers worldwide. Each course module is delivered by our subject matter experts utilizing the same multi-media presentations, videos, and other materials used in our classrooms. Our online training allows participants to benefit from SECFOR's expertise while in the comfort of their own homes or officesanwhere in the world. Interested parties can learn Corporate, Enertainment & High-Threat protective techniques from agents currently working as protection specialists inthe U.S., Europe and in Mexico, Lebanon, Iraq, and other potential hostile areas of the world. 

These online training sessions will earn students a certificate of completion and a discount on our hands-on training sessions conducted internationally. 

Speciality Courses

In addition to the above program, SECFOR specialists have developed several specialty online programs:

  • Mexico Protection Specialist (see reviews below)
  • Unlawful Detention
  • NGO/Humanitarian Security Operations

We will be adding more online courses in 2019. Please go to our TRAINING WEBSITE HERE to register and for more information.

Reviews of our 3-hour online Mexico Protection Specialist/Travel Safety seminar:

" I had the time so I signed up for the webinar today. Money and time well spent.   No sales pitch at all. The scheduled two hours ran long, just about three hours of solid material.   The material was organized very well...

The presenter knew his material. This was a guy who obviously is doing the job full time with a lot of time in the industry who made it clear that his focus was on the technicalities and practicalities of actually doing the job, not necessarily resume waving. It also because clear early on that not only does he know Mexico and the nuances of working there, but also has high and low profile experience in the Middle East and West Africa from which he could compare and contrast. For those who have not worked outside of the Iraq/Afghanistan bubble I assure you most of the world involves very different approaches to doing business and it was nice to see this addressed in a constructive and professional manner by someone who appreciates the details.  

There was a fair amount of material that was really just practical re-iterations of fundamentals, some excellent tips and techniques for doing things like putting together briefing packages, advances, threat assessments, etc. In no way could this pass for a comprehensive EP course, but because of the structure it is a good review that adds something to just about every major area that a full course would cover.  

The biggest benefit was just as advertised - Mexico specific information about current threats, sources of intel, legal and business type technicalities, practical solutions to things like comms, etc.   All in all an excellent value for $35 and a few hours of your time. A lot of meat to dig into, relevant, very current (most of the examples and incidents used for discussion were as recent as a few days ago and few older than six months), and realistic. This wasn't about high-profile running and gunning with dignitary clientele; it was focused on small details with corporate, kidnapping for ransom type clients."

~ Jonah T


" I Really enjoyed the Mexico Protective Operations seminar this morning! Nice to finally see a place that actually takes the time to put a web seminar together properly and in such a professional way. I've attended others that use plain text, no pics and clearly have not prepared the speech part of it. Great job! Loads of great info and bonus points for going over the specified time. I would definitely be interested in any other web seminars from SECFOR!"

~ Asmodeus A


" I attended this webinar today, it was more in depth that I expected! Rick provided solid and sound security tactics for the dynamic situation that they must operate in, very informative and professional! I have been in the private security industry for over 25 years and I learned about tactics and planning, there is something to be taken from this training, no matter what your experience level might be."

~ Lucien M


" Outstanding Seminar. Large amount of information incorporated with common sense makes for productive and safe measures. Muchas gracias a todos los miembros de "Exec Protec" / "Secfor". Be safe and God's blessings."

~ Anna S


" The Mexico web seminar was EXCELLENT! Well worth the time and money! I'm glad it ran "slightly" over. I don't believe that the details and information provided could have been covered in a 1-hour session. Thank you again."

~ Jon P




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