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Secfor Providing EDM Artists safety, security and logistics in Mexico & Latin America - 6/1/2015

Since the beginning of 2011 Secfor Consultants have provided security and logistics services to the top EDM artists in the world. Mexico and Latin America has become increasingly dangerous and security for artists and their teams traveling to these areas have become a concern. In the past few months, Secfor Consultants have protected artists and tour staff in Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Honduras, Guatemala, Bolivia, Panama, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, and other Latin America locations utilizing our vast vetted network to add value to all tours.

Understanding the requirements of this unique industry requires experience as well as regional expertise which our staff possesses from years of working these types of tours in high risk regions. Other than providing personal security, our staff are trained and excel at organizing meet-and-greets, photo-ops, autograph sessions, transportation, lodging as well as venue and hotel security taking pressure off of the tour manager so that they can focus on the specific needs of their artists.

So far this year, our consultants have provided security and logistics to EDM tours in all but 3 Latin America countries. Contact us with your requirements and we will provide consutants to ensure a worry-free tour.

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Secfor Expanding Security Consulting in Mexico and Internationally - 9/8/2014

This week our consultants operated in multiple location including Tijuana, Guadalajara, Leon, Mexico City, Monterrey & Puebla Mexico as well as Sao Paulo, Brasilia, and Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. In addition to the above locations the last 30 has kept our consultants busy all over Latin America including Honduras, Guatemala, Panama, Bolivia and Venezuela. Kidnap resolution, security consulting, and training operations have all grown over the last 12 months with upcoming operations in Iraq, Lebanon and Somalia.

Secfor Instructors Hired By MiraCosta College for High Threat Training  - 10/10/2012

The High Threat Protection Specialist Course was concieved and designed by Secfor International for MiraCosta College in Oceanside California. Secfor has provided MiraCosta College a team of experienced instructors and subject matter experts to deliver this course.

Currently the MiraCosta-Secfor team delivers four (4) courses covered by GI Bill benefits:
1) Certified AT/FP Specialist (15 days)
2) High Threat Protection (19 days)
3) High Risk Medic - TCCC certification (6 days)
4) Corporate and Celebrity Protection (8 days)

We combine courses 2, 3 and 4 to provide students a 35 day High Threat Protection Specialist certification covered by Post 9/11 GI Bill and Vocational Rehab.


Only courses that have participated in a lengthy approval process by the US Department of Veterans Affairs, and actually received an approval code, are allowed to accept your GI Bill funding. These schools and courses that have been approved will then be listed on the US Department of Veterans Affairs official website. If a school and/or course is not on this website, it cannot honor your GI Bill veteran benefits. Please do your research carefully.

We recently added a 12 day Executive Protection Specialist program that is a condensed version of our 35 day program. This program is ideal for civilian students that do not have more than a couple of weeks for a course, and paying for the training themselves.

for information on our 12 Day Executive Protection Specialist course CLICK HERE


Secfor's CEO invited as speaker at ESI/EPI conference | December 1-2, 2012 in Las Vegas, NV, USA

Secfor management has been invited to be one of the speakers at the 2012 ESI/EPI EPIC Lifeforce Conference

Below are topics that will be covered in the seminar. Secfor will cover the types of details you can expect in Mexico, specific threats to your client and your teams, kidnap mitigation strategies, tricks of the trade directly from our agents n the field, additional training that must be considered when working in this region, and putting together practical advance packages that every agent must have before heading south.

Also discussed will be realistic anti-kidnap strategies operationally proven on the streets of some of the most dangerous areas of Mexico. This is the first year that Executive Security International and Executive Protection Institute have teamed up for this yearly conference. Don't miss this iconic event and amazing networking opportunity. Click HERE to reserve your place!

Some key points that will be covered includes:

  • Why Mexico is a unique operating environment for Executive Protection Specialists
  • Legalities of working security in Mexico | Licensing | Visas
  • What companies are working here and what they look for in new agents (What not to put in your resume or CV)
  • Different types of details you are likely to encounter in Mexico
  • Realities of the violence in Mexico | Difference in Northern & Southern Mexico
  • The kidnap threat and current methods
  • Life saving driving tactics operationally proven on the streets of Mexico
  • The firearms question | Who can be armed & how does this affect the expat protection specialist
  • Working with local security forces | The pros and cons
  • Local law enforcement | A double edged sword
  • Communications | Local Mobile phones | US & foreign carriers | Nextels | Black boxes
  • GPS Tracking | Vehicle | Personal tracking devices| The Chip
  • Medical | Local capabilities | What medical training should you have before working in Mexico
  • Intelligence | What is reliable and what isn't | What you're not being told, CAN hurt you
  • Mission Package preparation | What is it and why you must have it
  • Surveillance Detection Techniques specific to Mexico | How they will watch you & what you can do
  • Recovery Investigations (Kidnap & Ransom support)
  • Real-world examples of kidnap attempts, hostile surveillances & probes, straight from our field agents
  • What training should you focus on, and where to get it

Contact us for more details.

Secfor's Kidnap Response on Discovery Channel - 12/08/2011

Secfor began Kidnap Resolution services in 2008 and have resolved numerous cases to date. Our intelligence- based approach is highlighted on Discovery Channel's Kidnap & Rescue series. Episode 4.

Our success is due to a deep understanding of the motivations and processes of those involved as well as utilization of local assets and information.

Secfor offers anti-kidnap seminars to executives and managers that work, travel, or live in Mexico. Our seminar, Living Outside the Box, Personal Safety Strategies for Mexico Travelers, can be delivered to your staff at your location in English, Spanish or French.

Contact us for more details. All inquiries will be confidential.

New focus for 2011 | Mexico Safety -  1/03/2011

Since 2007, Secfor personnel have provided consultation, training and protective services in northern Mexico and Mexico City. In 2011 we will concentrate our efforts in this region. Our methods of avoidance and mitigating the specific area threats have been operationally proven by our security consultants and executive clients.

Courses and Services in 2011 will include:

  • 4-hour Executive Safety Seminars
  • 3-day Executive Safety hands-on course
  • 30 hours of Live Online Protective theory courses
  • 6-day Mexico Protection Specialist course
  • Tactical Trauma Care courses to Mexican Law Enforcement and Military
  • Recovery Investigations & Support
  • Maquiladora Safety Services
  • Armored Vehicle Rental & Manufacturing

Contact us for more details. All inquiries will be confidential.

Executive Safety Courses in Mexico -  9/12/2009

With the influx of violence in Northern Mexico, Secfor specialists have been called on to develop and deliver custom courses to executives working and traveling in this area. Current regional case studies are examined and dissected before each course, to give the participants the most up-to-date information regarding the threats to them and their families. Rather than giving participants statistics regarding the trend of violence, recent kidnappings and violent assaults are examined and course participants learn the skills necessary to detect an attack before it happens and the techniques to avoid or escape a worst case scenario. Link to Executive Safety Course Page.

Some course topics include:

  • Offensive/Defensive Driving
  • Unarmed Combat
  • Emergency Trauma Care
  • Surveillance Detection
  • Emergency Actions

We are currently conducting private and group courses in Northern Mexico and Southern California. If your group would like more information, call us at 1.888.270.1911 or click the link below to leave us a message. All inquiries will be confidential.

Contact us for more information

Civilian courses in San Diego  -  2/11/2009

Secfor International is currently offering training in San Diego to civilian and private security. Group or Private instruction is available in a variety of subjects from the first-time beginner or the advanced practitioner. Some courses include:
  • Executive Protection Subjects
  • Defensive Handgun 
  • Defensive Shotgun
  • Combat Carbine
  • Rifle Marksman
  • High-Risk Protection Specialist
  • High-Risk First Responder / Bodyguard Tactical Medic
  • Unarmed Combat for Security & Law Enforcement
  • Women's Unarmed Defense
  • Women-only handgun 

We are currently running private and group instruction and will be posting our training calendar soon. Call or email us today to get started!

Contact us for more information

Secfor Conducts Trauma Management to Military Units  -  12/12/2008

In early 2009, Secfor International and its partners will begin conducting Tactical Combat Casualty Care courses in San Diego, California. These courses will be primarily for military and law enforcement units supporting the ongoing Global War On Terror (GWOT) campaign, including Special Operations personnel. The training will consist of basic & advanced combat trauma care including the most realistic hands-on lab evolutions available.

Secfor's medical instructors are former combat medics including former special operations personnel from all branches.
For training inquiries, please contact us.


UAVs to combat piracy  -  9/14/2008

Piracy in the areas such as the Gulf of Aden and the East and West coasts of Africa have long plagued commercial shipping. Though passive measures can be somewhat successful, our maritime security specialists have developed a more proactive & effective solution to combat the recent upsurge of piracy in these dangerous maritime environments.

Onboard radar can detect potentially hostile crafts in the vicinity of the cargo or passenger vessel but, by the time identification of that craft is made, it may be too late to deploy countermeasures or call for help. Utilizing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) our teams can track and identify friend from foe craft, before those intent on causing harm are close enough to pose a serious threat. This time cushion allows for the initiation of early warning systems and notification our security reaction force or coalition support.  Using UAVs is a cost effective method to secure a large number of commercial vessels in vast, predefined, overlapping zones. Secfor specialists can provide a full solution to maritime criminality including:
  • On-shore and off-shore protective intelligence
  • Tracking and identification of threats
  • Immediate threat response
  • On board security specialists
  • Afloat security force training
  • Maritime Interdiction
  • Post incident crisis management
Our staff has trained thousands of US Military personnel how to protect their vessels, piers and facilities in maritime environments. We can train your crew or, help you put together a comprehensive, multi-layered, asymmetrical defense against piracy and other maritime threats.

Contact us for more information.

Secfor commences Mexico operations  -  2/09/2007

Our security consultants have been engaged to conduct risk assessments and provide security solutions to executives and travelers to the Tijuana and Mexico City regions of Mexico. In the near future, our teams will expand services to all parts of Mexico concentrating on business operations  along the Mexico/ USA border regions.

Maintaining business continuity in these areas has become increasingly difficult due to the escalating security situation but, with proper consultation and support, risks can be greatly mitigated. Our approach is to take a low profile posture and, through proper planning and intelligence, avoid potential threats.

In certain circumstances clients choose not to employ close protection, but rather have all of their movements tracked via our quad band (GPS and Cellphone signal for indoor & outdoor tracking) personal tracking devices. Our 24 hour monitoring stations, currently located in San Diego and Tijuana, can track personnel, vehicles and cargo in the Tijuana region of Baja California.

Utilizing roaming low-profile surveillance teams, we can verify personnel movements and locations, check route deviation alerts, and immediately respond to distress signals. In case of a hostile act, an immediate reaction force is guided in by our tracking agents, and the eyes-on surveillance team, within minutes.

We are the regional pioneers of this complete solution and, the only consulting firm with the capability and infrastructure to employ these methods in Tijuana and surrounding areas. In late 2008, our tracking & response services will expand to other parts of Mexico and to other high-risk areas of the world. Some of our services include:
  • 24 hour Real-Time tracking
  • Low-profile surveillance teams
  • Security Advances (route and site)
  • Immediate Reaction Force
  • Local Security Team Training
  • Close protection, low and high profile
  • Surveillance Detection services & training
  • High-Threat Environment Survival training to executives and travelers
  • Security Escort & consultation for tour groups
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