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Foreign Weapons Course

Threat Weapon Training for Military & Law Enforcment

The AK-47 series assault rifle is the most ubiquitous rifle in the world. In all theaters, US military troops and government contracted personnel will come across variants of this weapon. Familiarity with threat weapons systems, their functions, capabilities, limitations, and ballistic characteristics, can greatly benefit friendly troops. This course is restricted to US Military, Law Enforcement, verifiable Government employees, and approved contract personnel. All courses will be customized to suit regional & situational need.

Weapons systems & topics covered may include: 

  • AK series weapons (live-fire)
  • RPD light machine guns 
  • PKM medium machine guns 
  • RPG-7 Anti-Tank Rocket
  • Russian SVDs  (Iraq Insurgent sniper system)
  • Romanian PSLs (Iraq Insurgent sniper system)
  • Al Kadesihs, Tabuks (Local Iraqi Insurgent sniper system)
  • Common malfunctions
  • Battle Field Pick-up stress drills

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