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Executive Safety

Seminars and training courses currently run in California, Texas & Mexico

Executives working, residing, or traveling to high risk environments require training focusing on threat avoidance, defensive & offensive driving, route planning, vehicle positioning, surveillance detection & countermeasures, as well as basic emergency driving skills. Based on Secfor’s experience conducting protective operations in Northern Mexico, as well as internationally, we have developed a variety of programs from a 4 hour seminar up to a 3 day hands-on training course, giving executives & security drivers specific and usable techniques and skills to stay safe in high risk environments.

We can send our instructor team to your location to deliver our 4-hour Mexico Safety seminar or to conduct a full 3-day high-risk environment safety course. Contact us to discuss your staff's specific needs. Click to contact us

When not instructing, our staff work assignments in Iraq, Afghanistan, Beirut, Mexico, West Africa, & other elevated risk areas of the world. In addition, our instructor staff have acted as U.S. Government and Military Special Operations Program Management & instructors on courses relating to High-Risk Personal Security Details,  Force Protection, Anti-Terrorism, Firearms, Tactical Driving, Unarmed Combat, Combat Medicine, and other related subjects. Some subjects in our Executive Safety course are listed below:

  • Principles of Personal Protection
  • How NOT to become a target
  • Regional Kidnapper/ Assassin Tactics & Techniques
  • Attack countermeasures & Immediate Action Drills
  • Emergency Trauma Care Basics
  • Surveillance Detection for home, office, and while mobile
  • You think you're being what?
  • Route planning & emergency actions
  • Proactive Driving and vehicle placement
  • Vehicle maintenance, preparation & alterations
  • Armored Vehicle use and driving techniques
  • Driving skills: Braking, turning, accident avoidance
  • Unarmed Tactics for worst case scenarios
  • Escape scenarios utilizing current case studies
Contact us to reserve your place in a course, or ask us a question.

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