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Executive Protection & Training

Mexico | Middle East | South America

Risk Management & Bodyguard Training |TCCC

Secfor International has vast experience providing protection & logistics in non-permissive environments and training others to protect personnel and secure assets in austere regions of the world. Our core competencies include:

  • Entertainment Security Mexico, Central/South America, Middle East
  • High Threat Protection & Medic Training (GI Bill Approved)
  • Armed Mexico Executive Protection & Internationally
  • Kidnap Response & Resolution Mexico and Internationally
  • Journalist/TV- Film Production Tours and Consultation
  • High-Threat Trauma Medicine (TCCC) Certification
  • US Security Managers OCONUS
  • Security Driving / Evasive Driving / Anti Terrorist Driving
  • Mexico, Latin America, Int'l Bodyguards| Armed - Unarmed
  • Anti-Kidnap solutions and training
  • Armored Car Rental & sales | Internationally
  • Security Assessments and Vulnerability Drills

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Executive Protection, TCCC & Evasive Driving

GI Bill Approved High Threat Protection & Medic Course

Secfor's instructors provide GI Bill Approved high threat executive protection / Bodyguard training and tactical medic certification, Evasive / Anti-terrorist driving to civilians, veterans and members of the US Government, military and law enforcement community. Follow the links to our training site for upcoming course dates:

4 Day Tactical Medical Certification - TCCC (NAEMT)

35 Day High Threat Protection Specialist Course

3 Day Evasive/Anti-terrorist Driving

For training course descriptions, costs, and training dates visit our training site HERE

Tactical Combat Casualty Care Certification

4 & 6 day TCCC courses GI Bill Approved

The NAEMT has certified secfor instructors to deliver certified Tactical Medical courses to Civilians, Veterans, Military and Law Enforcement. Our curriculum far surpasses the required NAEMT requirements and includes cadaver labs and other advanced training techniques that we previoulsy only provided to Military Special Operations units. Visit our TRAINING SITE for course desriptions, costs and schedule.

Entertainment Security and Logistics

Mexico, South America, & Middle East

After years of providing protection & consultation services in the Middle East, Balkans, former Soviet Union, and other high-risk areas, Secfor staff began to concentrate efforts towards Latin America. Over the last several years, our low profile, intelligence-based security consultation services have provided, and continue to provide, risk management services to entertainment management agencies, production companies, cable and television networks, numerous film projects, as well as providing ongoing protection and logistics services to some of the biggest names in the Electronic Music industry. MORE ON EDM SECURITY

Clients include Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, BBC, Rolling Stone Magazine and many other television and print organizations. Our staff adds value to entertainment projects in high threat regions by utilizing our vast network to arrange not only the appropriate security posture, but also organizing fixers, translators, vehicles, lodging, drivers, special events, standard and emergency air travel and pre-visit assessment and preparation, so that tour management, producers and executive assistants can focus on their tasks unburdened by security issues and logistical problems. CONTACT US with your project requirements and for our references.

GI Bill & Vocational Rehabilitation Training

Courses also available to Law Enforcement & Civilians

6 Day High Risk Medic Certification - TCCC (NAEMT)

35 Day High Threat Protection Specialist Course

3 Day Evasive/Anti-terrorist Driving

10 Day International Security Advisor

6 Day Kidnap Ransom Extortion & Terrorism Negotiator

Upcoming Courses

Specialized Training for U.S. Government/LE and Security

12 Day Aviation Protective Operations

24 Day Designated Defensive Marksman (DDM) program

32 Day Advanced High Risk Protection (WPS Preparation)

7 Day Protective Security Driving

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Providing EDM artists safety and security in Mexico & Latin America...
Secfor operating all over Mexico and Latin America & back in Middle East...
Secfor's CEO speaking at ESI/EPI December conference in Las Vegas
Secfor's Kidnap Response on Discovery Channel
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Trauma Medical Certification



35 day High Threat Protection

Tactical Combat Casualty Care

Anti-Terrorist Driving

Executive Protection

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